Random update!

My computer's been down for a couple of days, today I finally got it up
and running again!

Lately we've had some good sessions in Drakstaden, we've started planning
the "Lucia Jam" (10-12 december) and I've worked on the 2011 product-line.

I've also made some small changes to the homepage, nothing to big but small
stuff that annoyed me.

Also started working on the first trailer for the Drakstaden Mixtape, mostly
to get to know Premiere cs5 and the HDSLR footage of witch I've never worked
with before.
The mixtape is not exactly a serious project, but something fun for all the
local riders here in Sundsvall. Don't expect flashy editing or banger footage
it'll be some sweet chill riding and basic straight forward cutting to
rock n' roll music, just the way I like BMX-videos!

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